C Lowe trading as Papillon Pet Care. 5-Star Higher Standards License from WMDC awarded 1.4.2019, effective 31.03.2022 inclusive. L/N 000000910

Registration with Papillon Pet Care is currently £10 for 12 months.
This fee covers all your pets and:

  • Enables us to take a key for your premises
  • Guarantee the rate quoted for the registration year.
  • Ensures that as well as pre booked arrangements Papillon Pet Care can provide services to you in unexpected or emergency situations.
  • Means that mileage charges for the picking up of keys for each booking are not incurred.
  • Includes a priority telephone number which allows you access to Papillon Pet Care at all times.

All personal details are taken only for the purpose of providing a service to  the client and are not shared with any other organisation. All access details and keys are stored separately and securely. All dogs in our care will wear a tag which identifies them as being registered with Papillon Pet Care.

Papillon Pet Care is fully insured and licensed by Wakefield Metropolitan District Council as a Home Boarding establishment. This guarantees that we comply with all the guidelines for Dog Boarding establishments, ensuring your dog is well cared for in a safe environment. (5-Star Higher Standards licence 000000910)

We do not use vehicles advertising our company. We never compromise our service to you in order to grab a bit of free publicity. This is a policy  in order to maintain your privacy and the security of your home and pets.

Papillon Pet Care understands the concerns of pet owners about the security of their pets whilst away from home and has planned its services and facilities to minimise the risks that sadly face us today. We are pleased to publicise the efforts of people who work to reunite pets with their owners and would encourage you to check out the services of this invaluable organisation at:

Registering as a helper can make all the difference!

Papillon Pet Care is a local, independent business providing around the clock pet care services in Pontefract and its surrounding areas, including parts of South and North Yorkshire. We provide all services ourselves and never use host families or subcontractors. We maintain a carefully considered and easily manageable client list to ensure the best service to you and your pet.