Pet Sitting

Papillon Pet Care
Pet Sitting

Ensuring your pet is as relaxed as you on your return from holiday can be difficult. Papillon Pet Care can provide the solution. The pet sitting service offered by Papillon Pet Care can guarantee that your pets are cared for professionally and with the least amount of disruption. Further details of this popular service are available by contacting us on 01977 780415

  • Need last minute pet/dog house sitting?
  • Need to know you can trust your house sitter?
  • Need to know your pets are comfortable with the house sitter?
  • Wish you could have some continuity when employing house sitters?
Dog Home Sitting Service

Papillon Pet Care can provide a service which extends this pet service overnight. Between pre agreed times we can provide a home sitting service. This is a particularly popular service with local clients in the Pontefract and Wakefield area.

We can provide a local service which means you are assured of exceptional service. With this service you have peace of mind knowing your pet and property are secure and being cared for by an established trusted business. Papillon Pet Care guarantees total confidentiality and respect for your pets and property at all times. Please contact us for further details on 01977 780415

Please note bookings for this service are limited. Early booking is always advisable.